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Dynamic Info Screen is a program for creating digital signage solutions
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Dynamic Info Screen is a tool for creating high-level digital signage solutions. It is aimed at any person with basic knowledge of media tools. This application only requires screens/scenes, the text to display and a standard PC computer with a Windows OS installed on it. You need to create a project and then you can add all the media objects you want to see displayed in a digital signage presentation.

This tool is really useful to show your organization’s progress or to advertise new products in a store. You have complete freedom to add various effects during the project’s creation process. Dynamic Info screen offers support for various media objects, such as Flash, web/HTML pages, slide shows, an RSS feed from any web content, Media Player, Text Label, and even images coming from a web cam, too. You can also set specific time durations for each scene or textual information within the project.

All the information about one project is stored in a separate folder, which makes it easier for anyone to identify or restore the project. The project files are stored as an XDIS file, and you just need to double-click on it to run the project (provided that you have a Dynamic Info Screen player installed on that machine). It is really a good tool, and certainly worth buying if you are planning to advertise or display different types of information in a professional way using large screens.

Gavin Mike
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  • Smart tool
  • Can also connect to a PC camera
  • RSS feed is available
  • Supports online content editing


  • Requires basic experience in media tool handling
  • Project timeline screen shows black images at times
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